Volunteer Expression of Interest

Welcome to Forevermore Inc. You are here because you have an erg to do some good in this world which is what we do like to think we do well. You may have your own story of a brush with the beast or you might just want to help some people in need. Either way we are so excited to meet you, and have you consider jumping on board. We are looking to build a database of photographers we can call on anytime a client pops up in your local areas. Simply fill out the application below to express your interest in working with us. We offer free family sessions to families facing a cancer diagnosis all across Australia. Here at head office we do majority of the hard work for you. 

We handle all the lead up to the session the back and forth we then handball the client to you to book your date and conduct the session. Once the session is complete you deliver the edited images to us and we send out the client gallery. The images taken while working with us become the intellectual property of Forevermore. The reason for this is at the stage of diagnosis a lot of clients friends and families are not aware of their struggles and a lot of families do not want their images and story plastered everywhere for everyone to see. As you can imagine its a very trying and private time for families and we don't want them to feel pressure to share their story. We treat our sessions like an adventure, we don't raise their challenges unless they want to talk to us about it. Our sessions are  all about embracing these people in their bubble of love so that when they look back at their images on the hard days, they remember the warmth, love and giggles that came with creating these memories.

We have a couple of options available, but they all start out the same way and that is volunteering your time. Then once you have complete a set amount of sessions and we know we gell well, you have two choices.

1) You can continue to volunteer your time and live a long happy forevermore life, capturing and editing forevermore families in your spare time.

2) You can choose to become a paid photographer. Paid photographers get a small fee for their time capturing the session and the rest of the hard work is handled by us. Paid photographers need to be willing to promote the foundation. After all to keep delivering free sessions and paying you we need to make some cash and this happens through paid sessions and general marketing in your area. We handle your editing in this scenario and our editors will match your editing style so it will still look like your own work. We do not expect you to hand over any of your regular clientele. Its just about raising brand awareness and letting people who want to donate or buy a session through the foundation to help others do so. 

If you have a service you think would be helpful to our clients we would love to hear about it. The form below is geared towards photographers but if you are not a photographer feel free to skip the irrelevant questions and just tell us about you and what you can do for our clients in the notes section.

Thankyou for taking the time to register. 
Once this form is submitted one our our team will get back to you within a couple of days!

Love Belle and Team

You can make a difference today

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